Dr. Yaacov Yadgar



My research revolves around issues of culture and politics, Jewish identity, religion and politics, nationalism and ethnicity, and tradition and secularism. The focus of my research is the Israeli case, but put in theoretical and epistemological frameworks that bear obvious relevance beyond the specific case history. As my publications indicate, my scholarship is multidisciplinary in nature, encompassing political studies, cultural studies, religious studies, sociology, Jewish studies, and media studies. I concentrate on Israeli socio-politics (especially Israeli Judaism) and on the epistemological, historical and political dimensions of identity, nationalism, religion and politics in Israel. My current research deals with the charged nature of the interaction between the nation-state’s political theology and what modern Western political thought commonly marks as apolitical “religion.” I argue that a key to understanding Israeli socio-politics is Israel’s interest in maintaining its sovereignty as the nation-state of Jews; this creates a need to actively mark a majority of its population as Jews with complicated implications that bear not only on the  “internal” issues of Israeli socio-politics, but also on Middle Eastern politics at large.


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