Prof. Gerald Steinberg

Prof. Gerald Steinberg
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International Relations

Strategy and Arms Control

Diplomacy and Negotiation Processes

U.S. - Israel Relations

Conflict Management

Israeli Public Policy

Non-Governmental Organizations



PhD, Department of Politics, Cornell University
MA,Department of Politics, Cornell University
B. Sc. Physics, University of California, San Diego
BA, Physica and Near East Studies, University of California, Berkley


Other Positions


Founder, Program on Conflict Management and Negotiation

Other Activies:

Executive Director, NGO Monitor
Fellow, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs & Institute for Contemporary Affairs
Senior Research Associate, BESA Center for Strategic Studies, Bar Ilan University
Israel Representative, Organization on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Mediterranean Seminar)
Team leader, Israel at the Polls research on the peace process and Israel-American relations (1988---2005)
Member of Israel Council of Foreign Affairs
Academic Board, Menacham Begin Heritage Center and Director, Project on Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty
Israel Law Review International, Advisory Board



SELECTED POLICY PAPERS (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)

North Korea and Iran: Will Any Lessons Be Learned? October 2006
First Do No Harm: A Critique of the Human Security Approach to Arms Control Feb. 2006
Delivered at the 25th Anniversary conference of UNIDIR, Geneva, November 2005
Can Diplomacy Still Prevent Iran from Going Nuclear? December 2005
Deterrence Instability: Hizballah's Fuse to Iran's Bomb, April 2005
Disengagement and the Role of the International Community: December 2004
The International Atomic Energy Agency and Israel: A Realistic Agenda July 2004
The Vanunu Myths and Israeli Deterrence Policy April 2004
Learning the Lessons of the European Union's Failed Middle East Policies, January 2004
After Ghadafi's Declaration: The Impact of Changes in Libyan and Iranian WMD Policies on Israel and the Region, December 2003
Unilateral Separation As Roadmap Insurance August 15 2003
The Quartet, the Road Map, and the Future of Iraq: A Realistic Assessment 12/2002
Rediscovering Deterrence after September 11 December 2001
Israel Looks Over the Horizon: Responding to the Threats of Weapons Proliferation 7/2001
Palestinian Statehood, Autonomy, or Confederation: The Impacts on Israeli Security, May 1997


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Models and Approaches to Conflict Management and Negotiations

Theory and Approaches to Public Policy

Strategy and WMD Arms Controls