From the Desk of the Head of Department

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Dear students and applicants,

The department for Political Sciences at Bar Ilan University has an outstanding reputation and list of achievements as a result of our excellent lecturers and researchers, as well as our dedicated administrative staff who prioritise the students’ interests and needs.  Over the course of the years the department, one of the biggest in the university, has taught students who have gone on to work and serve in a variety of fields including community leaders, local government, Members of Knesset, diplomats, business managers, senior officers in the army, senior civil servants and many more.  The syllabi in our department are both challenging and engaging.  The department has a wide range of expertise in different fields including Military Studies: security, strategy and intelligence; International Relations: religion and state, Public Policy and local government, Political Thought, Comparative Politics and Internal Affairs.  The department also offers the option for a more in depth study of regions including Europe and North America, Russia and Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as an option to focus on Israeli politics and society.  The department consists of researchers both young and experienced who have been carefully chosen and are considered leaders in their respective fields both within Israel and internationally.  This is reflected in their numerous prestigious publications and on their winning impressive international research grants.  The department consists of many sub-disciplines within the field of Political Sciences, working with other departments in multi-disciplinary fields according to the field of expertise of the researcher and lecturer.

The department has always been attentive to the needs of its students, understanding that the theory learned within our lecture halls be combined with practical knowledge.  As a result of this we have extended the studies for outstanding students (“Practicum”).  This flagship programme reflects the vision of both the department and the university in achieving academic excellence.  The uniqueness of the programme is that it merges high-level academia and real world experience.  The exposure of our students to political and communal activities on both a local and national level, combined with the broad range of knowledge acquired within the university contributing to their intellectual development and paving the way for their futures.

The ideal of pluralistic thinking is a basis of the philosophy of the department, allowing for different perspectives and even polarised views to be discussed and analysed.  As a Head of Department I try to make myself always available and am attentive to both your individual needs and requests.  We hope that your studies in our department will be an enjoyable experience, enriching you and providing you with the tools you need on your way to your outstanding future.  We believe that academic studies provide our students with the vital tools in analytical, creative and critical thinking that will serve them well in any walk of life.  For example, you will be required (both during Undergraduate and Masters level studies) to submit research papers.  Your experience with research projects will allow and show your analytical and intellectual progress during your degree.

For those of you interested in joining us in our department, we offer a unique academic and social experience within Bar Ilan University which is a bridge between all the diverse elements of the society we live in, irrespective of gender, religion and race.  We would be delighted if you choose to make us your home during your time in Bar Ilan University, in any of our three academic tracks, and we promise not to disappoint.

Warmest greetings,


Last Updated Date : 27/12/2016