Dr. Toby Greene


    My main area of ​​research is the impact of domestic politics on international affairs, with particular emphasis on the foreign policies of European countries. I have published in leading journals, including European Journal of International Relations, International Affairs; British Journal of Politics and International Relations’ and Foreign Policy Analysis. I have published on a number of factors in foreign policy decisions, for example the worldviews of decision makers, the influence of small parties in multi-party coalitions, and the influence of national identities on the foreign policy of European countries in the Middle East. My research is based on qualitative methods and case studies, including interviews with politicians, diplomats and others with direct experience of decision-making processes. I have taught postgraduate courses on Islam and Europe, and on Israel, the West and radical Islam, as well as undergraduate courses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. My current research deals with the influence of radical right parties on foreign policy in Britain, France and Germany.

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    Last Updated Date : 08/11/2023