Research Students

Name Research Subject Research Advisor
דנה אגמי Agami Dana

"The Best to the Air Force" - Does it Prevail? 

תמונה Al Afenish Adam

Corruption in the public sector and religious policy: Examining the levels of religious discrimination against religious minorities and state intervention in the religious market, a cross-national study


My research proposes political corruption as a universal variable for predicting government religious discrimination (GRD) and governments’ support for religion—that is support for a religious monopoly—using the perception of corruption in the public sector as an independent variable for predicting these government policies. My basic argument is that corrupt states are more likely to support a religious monopoly because corrupt states have a greater need to boost legitimacy by endorsing religious leaders. A religious monopoly—a situation where one religion is dominant often due to government support—can serve this purpose, and, in exchange, religious monopolies are more likely to seek to conserve their status by regulating and restricting other religious groups in the religious market. It is worth noting that the regulator who needs legitimacy has the capacity to impose religious discrimination against religious minority groups as part of its support for a religious monopoly and thus, both regulator and religious majority benefit from such dynamics in the market. 

Research interest: The economics of religion, religious policy, politics and religion.

נעם אלון Alon Noam

Revolution of semi-military organizations: effectiveness in a changing strategic environment

ירון אסולין Asulin Yaron


תמונה של שי אטיאס Attias Shay

From "State's Diplomacy" to the 'Peer2Peer'Age: Analyzing & Modelling US Public Diplomacy During the "Global War on Terror" - Bush vs. Obama, (2001-17).

Bar–Maoz Moria

The Securityness of Religion: The Role of Religion and Secularism in the Formulation and Implementation of National Security Policies

Ben Haroshe Elazar

Changes in the Oral Collective Memory of the Holocaust and their Effects on Israel's Nuclear Security Policy

Ben Tovim Hila

Consciousness of the Phenomenon of Genocide Among the Israeli Society

רפאל בן לוי BenLevi Raphael

Ideas and Structure in Nuclear Non-proliferation Policy-Making: A comparative analysis of the role of ideational versus material factors in shaping the United States’ and Israel’s strategies toward the Iranian nuclear program

Carmel Paz

Political Discourse and Civic Education in Israel – Cross Influences

Chodoff Elliot

Deterring Violent Political Organizations Does Organizational Structure Trump Religious Extremism?

מורן דיטש Deitch Mora

The Influence of Religious Armed Conflict Termination on Discrimination against Religious Minorities: Quantitative Analysis, 1990-2014

עומר דוסטרי Dostri Omer

Conflict models in the Gray Zone and the involvement of non-state actors viewed from the coercion strategy perspective: The case studies of Israel, Iran and Hezbollah

אהוד גולן Golan Ehud

Wars Without End? The Influence of War Weariness on the Termination of Asymmetric Wars

Grinfeld Tal

The Influence of Post Modernity on the History Curriculum Subjects and Citizenship in Middle School Between 1954-2011: A Comparative Study

Haiminis Itay

Ideas and revolutions: the origions of the 2011 and 2013 revolutions in Egypt

יוסף ישראל Israel Yosef

Western Foreign Fighters in Transnational Terrorist Organizations: the ISIS Case Study 

Jan Einat


Kabilo Ofir

The IDF reserve force- Between equality and fairness

Lauren Dagan Amoss

High tide and ebb: Continuity and transformation in India's foreign policy towards Israel in light of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 1947-2016

מנחם לזר Lazar Menachem


A Political Party in the Process of Change from Its Supporters Perspective

The Jewish Home Party at 2012-2019 As a Case Study

Lev Ronit


דוד לוי Levi David

Roman, Modern Peace 
Great State Strategies and Small State Security

Liu Ting


Ofer Yamini

Forging The Sword of Decision-The Training of The IDF Reserve Brigade In The New Operational Environment

Ostrovskaia Liliia


אייל פינקו Pinko Eyal

Modern Naval Asymmetric Warfare

דנה פרייזלר סווירי Preisler Swery Dana


Rosner Yotam

The Impact of Leafers' Personality on Foreign Policy in Times of Crisis: United States, United Kingdom, France and Germanys' Policy with Regard to the "Arab Spring" 2010-2012

Schwartz Adi

Readiness Theory in Conflict Resolution: The Istaeli-Palestinian Case

מייסון שחאדה Shehade Maysoun


Shemen Aviram


Shklarsky Ilan

Air Power: Theoretical and Operational Adaptions Resulting from the "Generations" Advancements in Fighter Jets

Shuker Pnina

The Perception of Democratic Society as Sensitive to Casualties and its Impact on Dealing with Strategic Threats: US, Britain in comparative Analysis

Stern Ellie


Topor Lev

Anti-Semitic and Anti-Zionist Trends in the British Labour Party, 2010-2017

Yemini Yehuda

The Ruler Army- Political Legitimacy & 'Pretorian regime'- The Egyptian Army

זהר גיא Zohar Guy

From Normal to Crazy States: Fanaticism in International Crises, 1918-2014