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Name Research Subject Research Advisor
תמונה Al Afenish Adam

Corruption in the public sector and religious policy: Examining the levels of religious discrimination against religious minorities and state intervention in the religious market, a cross-national study


My research proposes political corruption as a universal variable for predicting government religious discrimination (GRD) and governments’ support for religion—that is support for a religious monopoly—using the perception of corruption in the public sector as an independent variable for predicting these government policies. My basic argument is that corrupt states are more likely to support a religious monopoly because corrupt states have a greater need to boost legitimacy by endorsing religious leaders. A religious monopoly—a situation where one religion is dominant often due to government support—can serve this purpose, and, in exchange, religious monopolies are more likely to seek to conserve their status by regulating and restricting other religious groups in the religious market. It is worth noting that the regulator who needs legitimacy has the capacity to impose religious discrimination against religious minority groups as part of its support for a religious monopoly and thus, both regulator and religious majority benefit from such dynamics in the market. 

Research interest: The economics of religion, religious policy, politics and religion.

נעם אלון Alon Noam

Revolution of semi-military organizations: effectiveness in a changing strategic environment

ירון אסולין Asulin Yaron


Carmel Paz

Political Discourse and Civic Education in Israel – Cross Influences

מורן דיטש Deitch Mora

The Influence of Religious Armed Conflict Termination on Discrimination against Religious Minorities: Quantitative Analysis, 1990-2014

עומר דוסטרי Dostri Omer

Conflict models in the Gray Zone and the involvement of non-state actors viewed from the coercion strategy perspective: The case studies of Israel, Iran and Hezbollah

יוסף ישראל Israel Yosef

Western Foreign Fighters in Transnational Terrorist Organizations: the ISIS Case Study 

Lauren Dagan Amoss

High tide and ebb: Continuity and transformation in India's foreign policy towards Israel in light of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 1947-2016

Ofer Yamini

Forging The Sword of Decision-The Training of The IDF Reserve Brigade In The New Operational Environment

Ostrovskaia Liliia


דנה פרייזלר סווירי Preisler Swery Dana


Shemen Aviram


Stern Ellie