Argov Center for the study of Israel and the Jewish People

Dr. Elisheva Rosman-Stollman,  Director

Center Administrator: Ms. Lauren Dagan

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The Argov Center for the Study of Israel and the Jewish people studies the entire range of topics relevant to the identity of Israel as a Jewish state and to expressions of that identity. Within that framework, the Center focuses on two major clusters of interest.

A: The reciprocal association between the state of Israel and Diaspora Jewry. This category includes - on Israel's part - the State's contribution to strengthening the Jewish identity of Diaspora Jewish communities, her participation in the fight against anti-semitism, and her promotion of Jewish immigration and absorption. As far as Diaspora Jewry is concerned, under this category also come expressions of the Diaspora's solidarity with the State of Israel and world Jewry's contribution to maintaining Israel's strength and to the defense of her interests.

The Center's study of these topics also embraces expressions of tension and conflict between Israel and Diaspora Jewry generated by questions concerning matters such as resource allocation and conflicts of interest.

B: Dimensions of Israel's identity as a Jewish state, as articulated in the State's laws, symbols and rites and in the tenor of her public sphere. This area of interest includes such topics as: the influence of the Jewish political tradition on the format of Israel's government and legal system; issues concerning relations between religion and the State; and the relationship between Judaism and democracy. In this category too, attention focuses on expressions of both consensus and dissonance.

The Argov Center seeks to contribute towards a better understanding of the topics of its interest and to a clarification of the problems generated by those topics. It aims to do so by initiating and encouraging research; by organizing conferences and seminars; and by issuing publications in these areas.


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Ms. Lauren Dagan

Argov Center

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