MA in Religious and Middle Eastern Politics in English 

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MA in Religious and Middle Eastern Politics in English 

Program Overview

This two-year MA program will provide you with a deep academic grounding in religious and Middle Eastern politics as well as in general political science. The program is taught entirely in English by leading experts, with the option to study remotely.

We consider both religious politics and Middle Eastern politics important topics of study within ​​political science. This program uniquely combines these topics, which include a broad survey of Middle Eastern politics as well as religious politics both in the Middle East and outside of the Middle East. At the same time, we provide courses that cover basic political science theory and methodology. Thus, while this course of study has a unique focus, it will also provide a broad foundation in the general discipline of political science.

Bar-Ilan University’s Political Science Department is uniquely situated to provide this course of study. Its faculty is part of a 40+ year tradition of expertise and excellence in religious and Middle Eastern politics and includes world-class researchers and instructors on these topics. The department is also home to premier research centers and projects, which focus on these issues. These include the Religion and State Project, the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, the Middle East’s premier national security think tank, and the Argov Center for the Study of Israel and the Jewish People. Read more about this degree in this article.

Application Requirements

Track 1: Thesis Track

  • BA from an accredited university
  • Grade average of 85%
  • Interview with the MA Thesis Coordinator
  • Fluency in English

Track 2: Standard Track

  • BA from an accredited University
  • Grade average of 80%
  • Fluency in English

Students on track 1 will take all required courses, two elective classes, and complete a MA thesis. Students on track 2 will take all required classes and four elective classes.

Overview of Courses
  • The Comparative Politics of the Middle East*
  • An Introduction to Religion and Politics*
  • Religion and Contemporary Political Theory
  • Territorial Politics: The Case of the Israeli-Arab Conflicts
  • Religion and Politics in Israel
  • The Military and Politics in Israel: Theory and Practice
  • Approaches and Theories in Political Science*
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in Political Science*
  • Introduction to Political Science Research Methods*

*  required class


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The opening of the study program is conditional on the number of registrants