Why study Political Studies?

If you are a news buff and the media news coverage is just not enough; if you find historical and political processes riveting; if you wish to understand how the different branches of government work; if you are dreaming of a career in politics or civic service; in short – if you want to know more about the systems affecting our lives, Political Studies is the best choice for you! 

An academic degree in Political Studies can become a launch pad to any number of careers in civic service or in the private sector. If you review the resumes of Members of Knesset, mayors, leading media figures, commentators and political advisors, not to mention those of the diplomatic corps, you will discover that many of them have at least one degree in Political Studies.

Why study Political Studies at Bar-Ilan?

Because you deserve the best education
The Department of Political Studies at Bar-Ilan University is considered one of the best in Israel. It has acquired international reputation in its field, due to its top rated faculty, extensive course offering, and the above-standard level of its students and graduates.
The Department offers B.A.M.A., and Ph.D. study tracks. B.A. students can choose any one of four study tracks, offering the option of minoring/majoring in other study tracks in Bar-Ilan.

Studies at the Department focus on such topics as: Western democracies and other forms of government, international relations, political conceptualization, public administration and policies, local and international politics, and military strategies. The extended study track of Political Studies offers majors in such topics as military policies, strategies and national security, including the military history of the Middle East.  

Because of our internationally renowned faculty members
Faculty at the Department of Political Studies includes world-leading researchers and experienced professors, some of whom are prominent media figures, who have decided to contribute their knowledge and experience to cultivate and educate the future generation of the political communities. Year after year, the Department of Political Studies at Bar-Ilan University is rated at the top ten institutes worldwide, when considering the number of scientific publications and articles published all over the globe. 


Because you should learn how democracy works
"Democracy is a very bad form of government", said Winston Churchill, "Unfortunately all the others are so much worse." Studying at the Department of Political Studies helps reinforce the democratic form of government, by understanding the roles of all political institutions, finding the right balance between the needs of the public and those of the individual, and debating the fair distribution of resources in society.

Because of the growing demand for Political Studies as a major
The increase in the significance of this profession, as well as in the reputation of the Department of Political Studies at Bar-Ilan, is clearly manifested in the dramatic rise in the number of students choosing this study track as their major. 

Because of the department's institutes and research centers
The Department operates several leading research institutes, among  the Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies, one of the leading, most influential institutions in all matters regarding foreign affairs and national security; the Argov Center for the Study of Israel and the Jewish People; the Program for Conflict Management and Negotiations Studies, and more.

Because of the Jewish angle
The Department of Political Studies at Bar-Ilan University puts particular emphasis on the political concept and organization in Judaism, examining political perceptions that evolved within the Jewish cognition, and reviewing issues such as the idea of alliances in Jewish political traditions, Jewish government, the regard to non-Jews and law obedience to state laws and authority in conjunction with Halachic rulings.

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