Dr. Liron Lavi


    Dr. Liron Lavi is a lecturer (U.S. assistant professor) at the department of Political Studies, Bar Ilan University. After completing her PhD studies at Tel Aviv University (2017), she was a Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Y&S Nazarian Center for Israel Studies at UCLA. Her doctoral work earned her the Best Dissertation Award from the Israeli Political Science Association (2018).

    Dr. Lavi’s research interests include Israeli politics, elections, representation, and democracy in Israel and in a comparative perspective. She studies the crisis of democracy and specifically how citizens perceive representation, their support for democracy, and the interpretation of elections in the media and the public. Her research employs computational, quantitative, and qualitative methods together with the development of theoretical concepts. She published several articles in leading journals, including Journal of Communication, Political Studies, Political Communication, European Political Science, and Nations and Nationalism.

    Last Updated Date : 02/04/2023