Department of Political Studies

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Approximately 900 students are enrolled in the Department of Political Studies, among them some 550 master's degree candidates and 42 doctoral students.

Enrollment has risen dramatically in recent years, with increasing numbers of students earning graduate degrees.

Alumni of the Political Studies Departments are represented in all spheres of public life and span the full range of the political spectrum. Among them are members of the Israeli Knesset and Government mayors, leading newspaper and television journalists, political analysts and members of the diplomatic corps.

The Department has roughly 80 faculty members - from tutorial teachers to full professors.

Lecturers in the Political Studies Department at Bar-Ilan University are leaders in their fields of research. They actively participate in academic, social and government events. The faculty researches and teaches a wide variety of topics including: international relations (both area studies and global interactions), non-governmental organizations, political philosophy and thought, terrorism, WMDs, religion and state, Israeli politics, political leadership, public policy, army and security, electoral challenges, internal and international policy, nationalism and ethnicity, social schisms, conflict management, diplomacy and more,

Studies in the department are designed to enrich the students knowledge in the primary topics of research connected to proper governance and policy. Students are presented with a wide variety of topics ranging from politics and international relations to policy decisions and strategy.

More information about the different programs of study can be found in the section for applicants.