Dr. Mor Mitrani


    Mor Mitrani is a lecturer (U.S. assistant prof.) at the department of political studies, Bar Ilan University. Her main research interests include understanding what states are talking about. She engages with the constructivist IR theory, community theory, phenomenology and international discourse. She uses and applies computerized and automated methods of text and discourse analysis. After completing her PhD in international relations at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (2016), she was a post-doctoral fellow at the Berlin-Jerusalem joint post-doc program of the Freie Universität Berlin and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2015-2017). She Joined the political studies department at Bar Ilan in 2017. She also holds a BA and MA in international relations and conflict research from the Hebrew University and a MSc in Global Politics from the London School of Economics. Mor published articles in peer reviewed journals (including Alternatives, The international journal of conflict management, and global governance) as well as book chapters on various aspects of globalization as well as on narratives in conflict.

    More information can be found in her personal website: www.mormitrani.com

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    Last Updated Date : 22/06/2022