Dr. Ilana Shpaizman

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Ilana Shpaizman is a lecturer (US assistant professor) at the Department of Political Studies, Bar Ilan University. After completing her PhD. in Public Policy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2014), she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Policy Agendas Project, Department of Government, University of Texas at Austin and at the Federmann School of Public Policy and Governance, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She Joined the Political Studies at Bar Ilan in 2017.

Ilana Shpaizman is also the co-director (along with Amnon Cavari and Maoz Rosenthal from IDC) of the Israeli Agendas Project. This project is part of the international Comparative Agendas Project which is a network of several countries aimed at assembling and coding information on policy activities across the world.

Her research interests focus on the policy process, gradual institutional changes, agenda setting, policy ideas, and the effect of cabinet ministers on policy making. She published several articles in peer-reviewed journals among them Public Administration and Policy Studies Journal on various strategies of gradual policy changes and the conditions for their evolvement as seen in Israeli and American policy. Her 2014 paper on gradual changes in Israeli immigrant integration policy won the best paper prize award for young scholars by the Israeli Social Policy Association. Her paper presented at the 2010 Social Policy Association conference won the best paper award for doctoral students and was later published as a book chapter.


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