Dr. Julia Elad-Strenger

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Dr. Julia Elad-Strenger is a lecturer (U.S. assistant professor) at the department of political studies. After completing her PhD studies at Ben-Gurion University (2015), she was a post-doctoral fellow at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya (2015-2017), and an Alexander von Humboldt post-doctoral fellow at the Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena, Germany (2017-2018).

Dr. Elad-Strenger is a political psychologist, studying political ideologies and contemporary ideological shifts in public opinion, with a particular emphasis on ideological extremism and polarization. Her work also focuses on the psychology of intergroup conflict (particularly the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and conflicts between subgroups in Israeli society), and on the psychological mechanisms underlying public support for right-wing populism. Her studies are based on quantitative methodologies, including experiments and large-N surveys, and focus primarily on the Israeli and Western-European contexts. Her research has appeared in leading journals such as Journal of Conflict ResolutionPolitical Psychology, Personailty and Social Psychology Bulletin and Journal of Peace Research.