Dr. Meirav Mishali-Ram


    Meirav Mishali-Ram is a lecturer (U.S. assistant professor) in the department of political studies at Bar Ilan University. She took her PhD degree in international relations at Bar Ilan University, was a post-doctoral fellow in the Center for International Development & Conflict Management at the University of Maryland, and a visiting assisting professor at the University of California Berkeley. She has long been a research associate of the International Crisis Behavior (ICB) project and a research fellow in the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya. Her main areas of expertise are international conflict, civil war, and South Asian studies. She has published many articles in peer reviewed journals on various aspects of conflict, focusing on ethnicity and religion, foreign fighting and transnational jihad, as well as on the role of non-state actors in worldwide conflicts, particularly in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Her book on the comparison between the protracted India-Pakistan and Arab-Israel conflicts will be published in Lexington Books in 2018. The book introduces the first systematic academic research to be published on the comparison between two of the most intractable rivalries in current world politics, focusing on transformation processes in the two rivalries, embodied in the characteristics of actors, discourses and conflictual expressions over time.

    Last Updated Date : 02/04/2023