Deitch Mora

מורן דיטש
Research Advisor
Research subject

The Influence of Religious Armed Conflict Termination on Discrimination against Religious Minorities: Quantitative Analysis, 1990-2014

Mora Deitch is a Ph.D. candidate at the Political Studies Department of Bar-Ilan University and a Neubauer Research Associate at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS). Mora specializes in the influence of religion on politics and conflicts.

Her doctoral research explores the influence of religious armed conflict termination on discrimination against religious minorities, which has become the norm in many countries worldwide, including western countries. This significantly influences the lives of billions of people. Previous studies which examined the connection between discrimination and conflict, focused on conflict outbreak, and on religious discrimination as a motivation of armed conflicts. However, only a few studies addressed the opposite relationship - the influence of these conflicts on religious discrimination. Accordingly, this study focuses on this understudied aspect. Specifically, this study examines the implications of religious and non-religious past conflicts, their termination outcome, duration and level of violence, on governmental and societal discrimination against religious minorities who participated in the conflict and those who did not. The study quantitatively examines 771 religious minorities in 183 countries.

During her studies, Mora received awards from the National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS), National Lottery of Israel, ISEF Foundation, Walter-Lebach Institute and the Rector's Prize for Academic Excellence.

Last Updated Date : 20/06/2019