Dr. Barak Bouks

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Dr. Barak Bouks, Ph.D. (Bar-Ilan University, 2016), Specializes in Religion & Terror, won a scholarship to attend and present a paper, at UCSIA's Summer school, The University of Antwerp, Belgium, Under the theme "Is Faith-based Violence Religious". In 2017, served as committee member of the Jabotinsky Prize for Literature and Research. Recently he was elected as a peer reviewer for the journal Terrorism and Political Violence.

Main research interests are Terror & Religion, Middle-East & Security (Focusing in Lebanon), Arab Media, Conducting Surveys, as well as qualitative & quantitative analysis (SPSS & Excel). This is widened by previous work as an assistant at Stanford University, BIU, TAU & IDC. One who has an interest may read commentaries ("Al-Qaida", Haaretz, June 29, 2014), as well as a personal column on the website "Yekum Tarbut".


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